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Advanced Pakistan Studies (XI-XII)
Arabic (VI-VIII)
Arabic (IX-XII)
Art & Model Drawing (IX-X)
Biology IX-X
Biology (XI-XII)
Business Studies (IX-X)Chemistry (IX-X)
Chemistry (XI-XII)
Chinese Language (IX-X)
Civics (IX-XII)
Computer Education (VI-VIII)
Computer Science (IX-XII)
Drawing (VI-VIII)
Early Childhood EducationEducation (XI-XII)
English (I-XII)
English Literature (XI-XII)
Environmental Studies (IX-X)
Ess of Home Economic (VI-VIII)
Ess. of Home Economic (IX-X)
Ethics (III-XII)
Fine Arts (XI-XII)
Food & Nutrition (IX-X)
General Maths (IX-X)
General Mathematics (XI-XII)
General Science (IV-VIII)
General Science (IX-X)
Geography (VI-VIII)Geography (IX-XII)Gen. Knowledge (I-III)History (VI-VIII)
History of Civilizations (IX-X)
History of Modern World (XI-XII)
Islamiat (III-XII)
Islamiat Advanced (IX-XII)
Literacy (Eng)
Health and Physical Education (I-XII)
Library Science (XI-XII)
Maths (I-XII)
Muslim History (IX-X)
Introduction to Technologies (VI-VIII)
Muslim History and Culture (XI-XII)
Pakistan Culture (XI-XII)
Pakistan Studies (IX-X)
Literacy (Urdu)
Pashto Language
Persian (VI-VIII)
Physics (IX-X)
Physics (XI-XII)
Physiology and Hygiene (IX-X)
Psychology (XI-XII)
Secretarial_ Practice (IX-X)
Sindhi language
Social Studies (IV-V)Statistics (XI-XII)
Textile & Clothing (IX-X)
Urdu (I-XII)

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